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effo●rts of both sides◆, cultural and pe●o


■ple exchanges be○twee

peo●ples has been○ deepening. W〓ith more and more co●mmunications w●ith each other, the◆ distance ●between heart an●d heart is g●etting clos■er.This May, a Ja●panese youth ○wrote to Chines〓e Pr

esident Xi Ji〓nping about◆ his own experie〓nce from n◆ever knowing China● to falling in lov●e with the c●ountry, expre■ssing strong○ desire and be●lief in helpi

n China 〓and Japan are

●gaining ne

ng pr●omote China●-Japan friendsh〓ip, Wang sai■d. President◆ Xi sent a repl●y to him, hoping t

●hat the youth of● the two countries w◆ill make positive ■contributi

w vitality●.T

he two pe○oples have ◆mo
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ons to ●the bright f〓utu

re frequent exch○anges with ea■ch other. ◆The number of
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re of bilater●al relatio○ns.Me

visit◆s between Chinese an◆d Japanese peopl◆e is expec
Image description

anwhi■le, people-to-peop■le an

ted to r●each 12 million ◆this year, 〓equivalent to○ m
Image description

d cultural e〓xchanges bet

ore than 30,000 d●aily between t◆he two countr●ies, Wan
Image description

ween t〓he two cou●ntries have beco

g s〓aid. Back in 〓1972 when bilateral ○relations wer●e
Image description

me◆ more colorful wi〓th increa

normalized, the● number was less tha〓n 10,000 for a 〓y
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ear.Chinese pe

ople■ see Japan● as a popu
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sin●g exchanges of● books,

lar dest●ination fo● r overseas t
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films and● TV program●s, said

r●avel. C hina wel●co
Image description

Wang. As ◆Tokyo and Beijing ●will

mes more Japan◆ese friends to vis●it dif
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